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Tannoy – 90+ Years of Amazing Inspiration
In 1926, Guy R. Fountain founded Tulsemere manufacturing company in London. It was renamed in 1928 to Tannoy (derived from the materials used in manufacturing its rectifiers: TANtalum / lead allOY).

Throughout the 1930s, Tannoy becomes established as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and audio components. But that was just the start. Throughout the 1940s, Tannoy delivers public address systems for famous sporting and state events including the UK’s Ministry of Defense during the wartime. The name Tannoy became synonymous with public address systems and its name was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

In the 1970s, Tannoy launches the famous Monitor Gold Dual Concentric range and became a key player in professional recording studio monitoring. Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is recorded on these monitors.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Tannoy monitors grow their reputation as the world’s best and find their way into legendary recording studios.

In 1987 Tannoy merges with Goodmans to form Tannoy Goodmans International (TGI).

During 1990s, Tannoy re-focuses on commercial audio and becomes a pioneer in premium ceiling loudspeaker products.

In 2002 TGI is acquired by Danish company TC Electronic to form TC Group.

In 2015, MUSIC acquires TC Ggroup and with it Tannoy form a conglomerate of high-end brands and technology.
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